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Polat Auto Services



Air Conditioning, Wheel Alignments, Auto Body, Auto Glass, Detailing, Mist Service, Batteries and Electrical including starter motors and alternators, Brakes, Repair and Servicing of Cooling Systems, Fuel System Service including Terra Clean, Diagnostic and Driveability including computer scan of engine codes, Tune Ups including spark plug replacement, Engines including Timing Belt Replacement, Exhaust Repairs including Mufflers and Catalytic convertors, Lube Oil and Filter Changes, Tires and Rims including computerized wheel balancing, Shock and Struts, Front End and Steering Components, Transmission, Differential Fluid Service, Rustproofing, Safety Standard Certificates, Emission System Repairs and Service, Fluid Flushes including Brake Flush, Power Steering Fluid, Transmission Oil and Engine Coolant and Engine Oil both regular and synthetic.

Diagnostic and Drivability
Many different lights can appear on the dash of the vehicle such as the Check Engine Light, Air Bag Light, ABS light, VSS light, TPMS light and so on. When this happens your vehicle will have to be hooked up to a scanner in order to retrieve the trouble codes. We can then use these codes to assist us in diagnosing the vehicle.
From Front Pipes to Mufflers to Catalytic Convertors through to the Tail Pipe we can look after all your vehicles exhaust repairs.

Shocks and Struts
Worn shocks and struts affect more than just your ride. Most manufactures recommend replacement at approx 80,000 km. Visible indications of worn shocks or struts would be if they are dented, damaged or leaking. Tire tread wear can also be an indication. The vehicle may also sway or lean when turning or changing lanes. The nose of the car may dive or you may feel instability when braking. As well braking distance is extended if struts or shocks are weak.
Tires, Rims and Wheel Alignments
If your tires are not wearing evenly across the entire surface of the tread it may be due to improper tire inflation or wheel balance, suspension or alignment problems, brake issues or faulty tires.
Newly Purchased: Hofmann Imaging Wheel Aligner and a Hofmann Computerized Laser Balancer for match balancing and the highest degree of accuracy

Air ConditioningAir Conditioning System not blowing cold or as cold as it used to? Let us test your system for leaks. Our Technicians are ODP certified (Ozone Depletion Prevention) and will therefore maintain the highest standards when working on your air conditioning system as a protection to the environment.

Batteries, Electrical and Charging System Diagnostic
Starter Motors, Alternators and Drive Belts
Fuel System Service and Throttle Body Service
Fuel injectors deliver fuel to the engine’s combustion chamber by spraying a fine mist on to the back of the intake valve. Just as an aerosol spray can, the injectors can get clogged, generally by dirt, and varnishes from the fuel. At this point the spray pattern is affected meaning wasted fuel, decreased mileage and performance. A fuel system service opens up clogged injectors by removing any build-up. Moisture will also be removed from the system, helping prevent rust and corrosion.
A throttle body service will clean the throttle plate, and idle air passages allowing for an inspection of the mass air flow meter and the hoses connecting it to the intake.

Brake fluid is hygroscopic – it attracts and holds moisture. Modern brake systems are sensitive to a breakdown of this fluid and it can lead to system failure. Changing the brake fluid eliminates moisture and contamination in the braking system.
Tune Ups
Air Filters, Cabin Air Filters, Fuel filters, Spark Plugs (Delco, NGK, Champion, Bosh), Ignition Wires, Distributor Caps, Rotors, PCV valves.

Cooling System
The cooling system of your vehicle helps keep your engine at peak operating temperature. In hot conditions engine coolant cools the engine. Because of its unique properties, it prevents the cooling system from freezing in extreme cold temperatures. As well, it helps cool the transmission and creates the warmth in your vehicle that you feel when you turn on the heater. Rust and corrosion builds up over time in the cooling system decreasing its ability to exchange heat and can cause damage to the cooling system components. A cooling system flush and treatment helps to prevent and protect this from happening.

Power Steering
As power steering fluid is subjected to extreme heat and pressure it degrades over time losing its ability to effectively lubricate the system. Flushing and cleaning the power steering system suspends and removes contaminants helping to extend the life of the components. New Fluid along with a conditioner helps condition seals and reduces power steering noises.

Transmission failures are usually caused by overheating and contaminated transmission fluid. Deteriorated fluid can lead to varnish and sludge build-up in the transmission. Eventually, this build-up can damage your vehicle’s transmission components.

Lube Oil and Filter
The engine oil and filter should be changed every 3 months or 5000 km with regular grade oils for most cars. Synthetic grade oils should be changed every 6 months or 10,000 km for most cars. Always check with your manufactures recommendations. We use warranty approved Valvoline Conventional, High Mileage and Synthetic grade oils according to OEM specification

14 Sable Street Toronto, Ontario M6M 3K6 Canada

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